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    Loss Of Limb Compensation

    Injuries which result in amputation can be hard to imagine, with likely emotional reactions of grief and shock and a reasonable difficulty in adjusting to a new way of living. It can be expected that such an injury would have a serious impact on the person’s daily life and ability to work, for at least the immediate period after the procedure and potentially long-term as well. If you lose a limb in an accident which was not your fault, you can claim compensation to cover any costs associated with it.

    Amputation Compensation

    It is especially important to retain the services of a specialist personal injury solicitor for compensation claims involving a major change to your life such as the loss of a limb.

    Emotional reactions can restrict a person’s ability to follow procedures within the time limit allowed and physical injuries can unfortunately cause additional restrictions to seeking help.It is important to make a claim quickly yet thoroughly – a solicitor can help you with this process.

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    What should I do if I want to make a Amputation claim?

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    There is a strict three-year limit from the date of the accident to complete a successful claim.

    You should make sure you have all the relevant documents to start your claim, such as the police incident number, insurance and registration details of the negligent driver, and all receipts for expenses associated with the accident.

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    Rehabilitation needs will be assessed via a medical examination and any adjustments to your home or car will be arranged immediately, with no need to wait for the outcome of what can sometimes be a lengthy process of claiming compensation.

    Look for solicitors who subscribe to the Rehabilitation Code of Practice to ensure your overall welfare is prioritised at all times, meaning that your immediate needs are met and any support is offered holistically, whether financial, physical, emotional and mental.

    One of the key benefits of following this Code of Practice is that it promotes early rehabilitation, which has health benefits to the individual and economic benefits to both the individual and society.

    This should be sought even when there is no admission of liability by the defender of the claim, because early treatment can have long-term impact on both their ability to recover and the time it takes them to do so.

    Even when there is no immediate admission of liability, the defender is encouraged to consider whether there may be a partial admission later on in the claim, in order to agree to rehabilitation.

    Advice on applying for statutory benefits such as Personal Independence Payments and about your rights as a disabled person will be offered additionally, if these might be useful for a short period or longer term.

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