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    Broken Bone Compensation

    Most breaks or fractures are easily treated with a splint or cast and take about 6 to 8 weeks to heal. They will cause pain and discomfort in the meantime, but they are not usually seen as something to worry about particularly. The kinds of breaks and fractures which are more serious than that are more unusual, but of course they can and do happen, and can impact your life considerably.

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    Serious Breaks And Fractures

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    Injuries which are more likely to cause long-term impact are:

    • Open / compound fractures (an injury where the broken bone pierces the skin, which carries with it a risk of infection)
    • Multiple fractures (a fracture at two or more places in the same bone, occurring at the same time)
    • Fractures of bones in different limbs simultaneously (perhaps caused by a Road Traffic Accident or another serious accident)

    Serious injuries such as these may cause you to be unable to work for a longer period and could even cause you to be unable to live independently due to loss of mobility.You may require surgery to repair the broken bone and treatment such as physiotherapy to increase its flexibility and strength.Infections can be also caused by compound fractures splitting the skin, with treatment by antibiotics.


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    How To Claim Compensation?

    You can claim compensation for a broken bone or fracture if it was caused by an accident which was the fault of another person, whether it was a slight injury or a serious injury.Minor injuries attract lower value claims, whereas major injuries which have a long-term impact on your daily life can result in larger compensation pay-outs.

    If your broken bone or fracture was serious, you may be entitled to compensation for any costs associated with staying in hospital or rehabilitation, as well as mobility aids, adjustments to your house, or care needs which arise as a result of your injury.You should keep all of the receipts, invoices and bills for these expenses, to help specialist personal injury lawyers to assess and manage your claim. Even if the injury was partially your fault, you can claim compensation, although you may get a reduced amount on the basis that you contributed to your own injury.

    What should I do if I want to make a claim?

    There is a strict three-year limit from the date of the accident to complete a successful claim. This means you should begin the claim as soon as you feel able to do so, as they often take several months, or longer, to complete. You should make sure you have all the relevant documents to start your claim, such as the police incident number, insurance and registration details of the negligent driver, and all receipts for expenses associated with the accident.

    No win no fee

    •  If your claim is unsuccessful, you will pay nothing upfront.
    • If your claim succeeds, your opponent will pay most of your legal fees, with anything else paid from your compensation.

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