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    Serious Injury Claims Scotland

    Serious injuries will unfortunately have an immediate, catastrophic and potentially permanent effect on a person, requiring intensive or long-term treatment or care.

    They will likely have a significant impact on the quality of the person’s life, as well as the lives of the people who care for them.

    Personal care may be required on a 24-hour basis and their home may need to be adapted to allow access for mobility aids such as wheelchairs.

    Claiming compensation for serious injuries

    Compensation claims for serious injuries should factor in whatever support is needed to make the person’s life more comfortable and to promote their wellbeing by catering to their needs.

    Similar to the process for minor claims, the compensation claim process for a serious injury must be finalised within three years of the accident (for people over 16 at the time of the accident), or within three years of the person turning 16 after the accident (for children under 16 at the time).



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    What happens if the injured person can no longer submit a claim due to their injury?

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    Someone who has suffered a serious injury in an accident may not be capable of claiming compensation themselves. They may lack capacity to claim on their own, whether mentally, physically or emotionally.

    A loved one, next of kin or close friend can submit a claim for compensation on their behalf, as a ‘litigation friend’. The same requirement, to claim within three years of the accident, applies to this person as well.

    If you are not sure whether you qualify as a litigation friend for someone, call Scot Accident Claims for advice.

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    The timescale

    •  How long the claim takes depends on the extent of the injuries, the complexity of the case, and whether your opponent admits responsibility.
    • It will likely take longer than a few months, as serious injuries may have to stabilise in order to establish their full extent.
    • An estimate of timescales can be made during an initial consultation with your solicitor.

    Will the claim be successful?

    •  If the injured party caused the accident, their claim is unlikely to succeed.
    • If they were only partially responsible, it could be successful.
    • If they were not responsible, their claim would hopefully succeed.

    Legal Advice

    Legal advice from a solicitor can help to ease the pressure of making a complex and substantial claim. They should also advise you when it is best to claim, based on the severity and ramifications of the injuries.




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