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    Motorcycle accidents are one of the most common form of Road Traffic Accident in the UK, with approximately 185,000 accidents per year. They can damage your motorcycle, cause personal injuries (which could be slight, but more likely serious), destruction of your property such as your helmet or protective clothing, road-side assistance if you require a tow-truck, or a hire vehicle while your motorcycle is being fixed.

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    Common injuries

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    Accidents involving motorcycles cause the most serious injuries, due to a combination of lack of protection when compared to other forms of transportation, as well as the high speed they travel at. There could be long-term and significant expenses associated with serious injuries, including personal care needs, mobility aids, house renovations, private health care and rehabilitation. An injured person is likely to be traumatised and require a period of recovery or readjustment, during which they cannot work.

    A common minor injury caused by being thrown from your motorcycle is a shoulder injury, which often looks like a minor soft tissue injury at first (a cut, scrape or bruise), but may develop into a more permanent injury over time, involving loss of function and pain. Whether your injury is serious or minor, it is important to seek legal advice to gain the maximum compensation possible.


    How to claim under Legal Protection Insurance

    Our team are on hand to help you claim with legal protection insurance.

    Will my claim be successful?

    • If you caused the accident your claim is unlikely to succeed.
    • If you were only partially responsible, it could be successful.
    • If you were not responsible, your claim would hopefully succeed.


    What you should do, if you are not seriously injured:

    • Collect the contact details of all parties involved, including witnesses – their names, addresses and phone numbers.
    • Collect the license details and registration numbers of all of the drivers involved.
    • Take photos of the scene of the accident or ask someone else to do it – phone-camera photographs are acceptable.
    • Report the accident to the police – a police testimony may be vital to your claim.
    • Visit the hospital, to check whether you have any injuries which require medical attention – medical reports may also be vital to your future claim.


    What can I claim compensation for?

    • Pain and suffering, including mental trauma from the accident.
    • Ongoing medical expenses, such as physiotherapy or counselling.
    • Travel costs, such as taxis or a hire vehicle your motorbike is getting fixed.
    • Loss of earnings.
    • Other expenses associated with the accident, such as a tow-truck.


    Legal advice

    You should seek legal advice to start your claim as soon as possible, ideally when the memories of the accident are fresh in the minds of witnesses.If you were traumatised from the accident and not thinking clearly, or seriously injured and so unable to take the necessary steps to increase the likelihood of a successful claim, it is even more important to seek legal advice as soon as possible.

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