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Perhaps among the most elusive forms of the disease, pancreatic cancer presents those suffering from it with a multitude of difficulties from start to finish. The problems most commonly associated with this type of cancer are almost always due to the various hurdles which both patients and doctors alike are faced with in producing an accurate diagnosis.

This is undoubtedly due to the fact that the majority of preliminary symptoms indicative of the cancer are vague and non-specific. For instance, patients who go on to receive a positive diagnosis of pancreatic cancer are likely to have suffered from things such as stomach pains, back aches and unexplained fatigue; all of which can be caused by an unquantifiable number of other medical conditions. This therefore means that those suffering with from these symptoms may have to wait significant time before their cancer can be correctly identified. On top of this, since the organ in which pancreatic cancer always affects is deep within the body, lumpy tumours rarely become apparent to sufferers.

Do You Have A Right To Make A Negligence Claims?

In order to ensure that as few cases of pancreatic cancer as possible are able to slip through their net, medical professionals have strict steps to follow in order to achieve an accurate identification. However, this is not always seen to be consistently adhered to and some may deviate away from the recognised practice.

Since a cancer patient’s chances of survival depend significantly in the speed of diagnosis, the difficulty in identifying its presence can become life-threatening for most. Therefore, mistakes in the procedures followed by medical professionals can carry the gravest consequences. However, these should never be able to come about since those involved in the process have a duty of care towards their patients.

If a doctor or any other medical professional has breached this duty by acting in a way inconsistent with the procedures they are trained to follow and harm has come about to the patient as a result, then they could be subject to a medical negligence legal claim.

If you suffer, or have previously suffered from pancreatic cancer and believe that you may have been negatively affected by a wrongful decision at the hands of medical professionals then it may be the case that you are able to prove their negligence against you.

At Scot Accident Claims, our specialist team are able to utilise their encompassing expertise and help you decide what steps to take next if you have been affected by medical negligence.

We will aid you in retracing the steps leading to your possible misdiagnosis and assist you in determining at what stage it all went wrong.

Our lawyers understand that the thought of a claim for compensation on top of the various associated stresses an illness like cancer carries can often exacerbate your problems further. We therefore strive to ensure that client inconvenience is kept at a minimum and that we provide a supportive service throughout any necessary future steps.

If you believe you could have been affected by a negligent mistake at the hands of a medical professional, then please do not hesitate to contact our team for free initial advice.