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    Ulnar Neuropathy Compensation

    When nerves are damaged at the workplace, this is often due to a lack of correct health and safety procedures and precautions. Continuing pressure on elbows and forearms for example while working at a desk with computer equipment can cause ulnar neuropathy (cubital tunnel syndrome, CTS) which causes pain in ring and little fingers or makes them numb and generally weakens the hand. In such a case, it can be possible to claim compensation from an employer with the help of an experienced solicitor.


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    What does an employer have to do to protect employees from ulnar neuropathy?

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    An employer has the duty to make sure employees are not injured at the workplace and put in place health and safety measures to ensure this. This can include the following precautions:

    • Give employees health and safety training to make them aware that repetitive actions can cause damage to their health, how to limit their exposure to damaging actions and when to take breaks and that they are taken
    • Ensure employees have the right protection and are equipped with gloves or supportive aids for wrists and elbows or mechanical equipment if needed or requested

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    What can a claim help with and how does it work?

    If it can be established that the ulnar neuropathy was caused due to lack of precaution taken by an employer, a claim for compensation can help with a variety of things such as further medical expenses for rehabilitation or loss of income. Employers will mostly be insured for claims like this so that their insurance company will be covering the compensation paid to the employee in a successful claim.

    Depending on the individual case, the amount of compensation that can be claimed depends on how severe the ulnar neuropathy affects the employee’s life and they need further treatment or care, whether they had a loss of earnings and whether this will go on in the future. An experienced solicitor will knowhow to assess these factors and can give an estimate of the sum that can be claimed after gathering all necessary evidence.

    It is therefore important to get a specialised doctor to examine whether the employee suffers from ulnar neuropathy or another nerve damage injury. The doctor will also be able to advise on what kind of rehabilitation treatment will be needed, if physiotherapy, surgery or medication is necessary or whether the ulnar neuropathy is so severe that it is irreversible.

    The solicitor will bring that evidence to the employer and try to reach the best possible result without the involvement of a court. If, however the employer contests the evidence, the case will proceed to the courts and be settled there.

    A claim can also be possible if the injury occurred while working outside the UK or the employee is no longer working for the employer. It is however important to make sure the claim is brought within the three-year time limit starting with the time that is has become apparent that the injury was caused in connection to the workplace.


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