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    Ophthalmic Negligence Compensation

    Medical treatment relating to a patient’s eyes is called ophthalmology and practised by physicians specialised in the surgical and medical treatment of eye problems. As the eye is a very sensitive organ, any mistakes can result in reduced sight or in the worst case the blindness of the patient. If these mistakes were induced by medical negligence the patient has the option to make an ophthalmic negligence claim for compensation with the help of an experienced solicitor. As our eyesight is essential for an unlimited and independent life, any issues with it can have strong impacts for a patient suffering from ophthalmic negligence which is why a claim for compensation can help with mitigating this impact and receiving the best treatment possible in this difficult situation.

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    What kind of cases might constitute ophthalmic negligence?

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    There are various treatments affecting a patient’s eyes such as laser eye surgery, cataract, corneal or vitreoretinal surgery, eye muscle surgery (strabismus treatment), glaucoma treatments and others. They are used to repair defects of the retina, correct vision irregularities, restore eye muscles and treat cancers. Many of these procedures are age-related, as an example cataract surgery is the most common ophthalmic procedure effecting people over 60 years. However, they can also become necessary because of another injury and can therefore affect anyone. While most of these procedures are carried out professionally and by highly skilled professionals, sometimes errors occur nevertheless.

    Medical negligence can be found were a patient has been misdiagnosed, received a substandard of care, the surgeons or other medical staff have made avoidable errors.

    Examples of this may include:

    • Failure to administer antibiotics preventing an infection of the eye
    • Mistreatment of corneal abrasions
    • Unsatisfactory pre-operation assessment to identify any potential risk, inform the patient about them and obtain full consent
    • Wrong choice of lens after a cataract operation

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    A claim might be possible regardless of whether the patient’s vision has been temporarily or permanently impaired.

    What will happen when an ophthalmic negligence claim is made and how much compensation can be awarded?

    As the law of medical negligence is as complex as the medical procedures in question, it is important to speak to an experienced solicitor as soon as possible. The solicitor will then gather all information form the patient about what kind of eye treatment was received to maintain, whether the case involves medical negligence. This can also involve the consultation of independent medical experts to determine which the long-term effects of the impairment of the patient’s eyesight are and which kind of adjustments will have to be made to the patient’s circumstances. All this information will be used to estimate a sum of compensation the patient might be able to claim if the evidence for medical negligence is sufficient. This will also include whether the patient had a loss of income due to their eyesight impairment, they need special equipment or care to live an independent life, and any other expenses for further treatment and adjustments that the patient might need.


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