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    Laser Treatment Compensation

    Laser treatments are a very commonly used medical and cosmetic procedure: To get rid of a tattoo that is in bad condition or just not the right aesthetic anymore, remove birthmarks, or improve the appearance of the skin generally. Laser treatments are performed using intense pulse light (IPL) or other high intensity beams to separate body cells, just like an incision. While laser treatment is generally considered to be safe, it is only very loosely regulated, and things can still go wrong. The negative impacts can go far beyond just not being satisfied with the results and even have psychological implications for people who struggle with their appearance already and then receive substandard treatment. If the procedure was negligently performed, a compensation claim brought with the help of an experienced can cover further corrective treatment or psychological support and other expenses.

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    What constitutes a negligent performance?

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    As laser treatment can mostly be performed by anyone because there is a lack of regulation, the general standard is difficult to assess. However, this does not mean that it cannot be expected to receive satisfactory treatment.

    Several issues, such as infections, skin sensitivity, scarring, burns and blisters or skin pigment issues often relate to negligent treatment and could therefore be the basis for a compensation claim.

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    The following things should be done by anyone performing a laser treatment to mitigate the chance of any of these issues undesired results to occur:

    • Anyone providing later treatment must have the correct training to do so
    • If there are local authority regulations, they must be observed
    • A safe laser device must be used, it must have the correct settings and timings
    • Prior to the treatment, a skin test should be performed, and the medical history should be reviewed to ensure the patient is suitable for treatment
    • All risks of the procedure should be explained before the treatment to enable an informed decision
    • Protective goggles should be provided during treatment and it should be performed in a sterile environment
    • Advise should be given abut how to achieve the best aftercare

    If any of these points have not been followed, it is possible that a claim based on this behaviour. They can constitute negligence if something goes wrong during or after the laser treatment procedure. It is however important to get help from an experienced solicitor. A solicitor can help with making sure all the evidence needed is gathered and the patient receives adequate compensation for the pain and emotional distress and any additional financial expenditure. It is therefore advisable to see a doctor if any of the described symptoms occur. The doctor can assess what might have gone wrong during the laser treatment and make sure the negative effects for the patient’s health are mitigated as far as possible. Additionally, proof of all further financial expenses such as corrective treatment or other medical bills should be hold onto and given to the solicitor, who will need them for the compensation claim.


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