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    Diabetes Compensation

    Being diagnosed with diabetes changes a patient’s life forever. However, diabetes can be managed relatively well when detected in an early stage and monitored sufficiently. If a patient is misdiagnosed with a different illness, the diabetes is detected too late or wrongfully treated, it can have severe consequences for the patient’s health and lead to an increased need for treatment and rehabilitation. If avoidable mistakes were made when diagnosing or treating a diabetes, the patient might be able to claim compensation with the help of an experienced solicitor. For these claims it does not matter which type of diabetes the patient is affected by.

    What are common consequences of misdiagnosing diabetes or providing insufficient treatment?

    The effects of a misdiagnosis or an insufficient treatment can be very severe for the patient’s health and can generally induce the following complications:

    • Amputation of limbs
    • Blindness due to retinopathy (retina disease)
    • Urological problems leading to organ failure
    • Cardiovascular problems: higher risk of strokes and heart attacks due to blocked blood vessels and blood pressure problems

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    What can a claim for compensation help with?

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    Depending on the individual case, a claim for compensation can help with a wide range of expenses to mitigate the negative effects the negligent treatment has had on the patient’s life. An experienced solicitor will take account of different impacts such as the loss of earnings, the costs for care or any adjustments to the patient’s home that became necessary. A claim can therefore help ensure that a patient affected by and of the scenarios described above which were induced by medical negligence will have access to the best possible treatment and rehabilitation.

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    Medical staff including doctors and nurses have to provide a professional treatment and follow good practice guidelines which are issued for the treatment of diabetes. If these minimum standards are not achieved, a claim for compensation based on medical negligence could be an option. Some examples which could constitute a negligent treatment are:

    • A patient has been wrongfully diagnosed with diabetes
    • The patient’s diabetes was mistakenly not diagnosed
    • The illness was diagnosed too late
    • The patient was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 instead of 2 or vice versa
    • Not all necessary medical tests have been performed or a specialist was not consulted when they should have been
    • Medication such as insulin or blood pressure regulators were not prescribed appropriately
    • The illness was not managed properly by providing a care plan for the patient, the diabetes was not monitored properly
    • A surgical procedure became necessary although it could have been avoided

    It might also be possible to bring a claim if a loved one or relative has died because any of the things listed above has happened to them. In any case it is important to contact an experienced solicitor who can investigate the matter and find out what kind of errors were made, when, and whether they were avoidable or no.


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