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    Dermal Filler Claims

    Using dermal fillers to improve facial lines, straighten the look of a nose, get fuller lips or cheeks is a very common and only minimal inversive procedure. They can be injected permanently or temporary, lasting between 3-18 months. The procedure should normally be quick and not involve a lot of pain. However, surprisingly often something can go wrong with a dermal filler and can cause temporary or permanent pain requiring further cosmetic surgery to be corrected. As this can be an emotional and financial burden, claiming compensation with the help of an experienced solicitor can be an option.

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    What can go wrong?

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    If the surgeon or beautician makes mistakes when inserting a dermal filler, it can constitute negligent treatment which is the basis for a compensation claim. There are various common issues which can occur with dermal fillers:

    • Not enough advice was given about the risk of the procedure
    • The patient was not asked about potential allergies
    • The dermal filler can move under the skin and end up in a different area of the body which can cause lumps and disfigurements or imperfections
    • Too much filler has been injected
    • The incorrect substance has been injected as a filler
    • The part where the dermal filler was injected can become infected and not all necessary steps were taken to prevent this
    • Skin tissue can get inflamed (granuloma nodules)
    • Injection of the filler into a blood vessel which can have serious consequences such as necrosis (skin tissue death), permanent blindness and blocked blood vessels (pulmonary embolisms)

    These undesired results from dermal fillers, will often need further medical treatment or surgery. However, there are also some common side effects that should normally only occur within one or two days after the treatment. These include swelling, bruising, redness and tenderness or the skin and slight bleeding. If the symptoms do not go away after a short period, medical advice should be sought. In this case a compensation claim might be possible on this basis.

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    Does it matter whether the dermal filler was injected by a professional?

    So long as the beautician, surgeon or nurse has the required qualification to administer dermal fillers, it does not matter what position they have. However, if an unqualified person undertakes the procedure, a claim will depend on whether the patient knew they were unqualified or not. In the case of deliberately letting someone unqualified inject the dermal fillers, this might hinder a successful claim. It is however important in these kinds of cases to seek clarification by speaking to an expert solicitor.

    What to do when something seems to be wrong with a dermal filler?

    Just like in any cosmetic negligence case, it is advisable to gather all available information about the treatment and where it was administered. Additionally, taking photographs can provide evidence of what kind of unwanted result has occurred and how severe it was. It is also important to see a doctor who can determine what went wrong and how the long-term effects of the negligent treatment will be. Lastly, proof of all expenses that occurred in relation to the treatment should be collected.


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