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    Cosmetic surgery

    To undergo cosmetic surgery is not an easy decision it gets even more difficult when something in the procedure goes wrong. The effects can not only be physical injuries but also emotional suffering from the consequences. If the unwanted results were induced by medical negligence or substandard treatment, an experienced solicitor could help with a compensation claim.


    What are the risks of cosmetic surgery?

    Just like any kind of surgery, it bears certain risks that the patient has to be made aware of before undergoing a procedure. The problem with cosmetic surgery is though that if something goes wrong it can materially affect the appearance which is what the patient had been wanting to improve. It can therefore be very upsetting.

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    There are some typical risks associated with cosmetic surgery such as:

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    • Breast surgery: whether an enlargement of reduction is done, he results can be uneven, implants can lose their shape, sensation around the nipples can be lost or scarring can be extensive or get infected
    • Rhinoplasty: the nose can bleed strongly and might collapse, making it difficult to breathe
    • Facelifts: the face can get swollen and still and might get numb
    • Liposuction: when fat gets removed from the body, the area can feel numb and change colour, results can also look uneven or lumpy

    While in the UK the standards of training, regulation and certification are higher than in other countries, there are many unregulated non-surgical treatments. This does however not affect the possibility of a claim for compensation, if avoidable errors have caused the result. The patient can always expect a certain standard of care. Cosmetic surgery that was undertaken outside of the UK is no exception from that rule so a claim for compensation might still be an option.

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    What are examples of medical negligence in cosmetic surgery?

    Each case has to be assessed individually but there are some common errors that can occur before during or after plastic surgery which can cause the results to be unsatisfactory or generally make a compensation claim an option:

    • Lack of information on the risks of the procedure and therefore failing to obtain the patient’s full consent
    • Failure to give patient a ‘cooling down period’ between initial discussion of the procedure and pursuing it to give the patient the chance to reconsider the procedure
    • Substandard performance of the procedure
    • Failing to use the correct product or using a faulty, damaged or used product such as an implant
    • Failing to provide appropriate aftercare


    What can a claim for compensation help with?

    The sum of compensation depends on the individual circumstances of the case. It can be used to ease the patient’s suffering by paying for:

    • Corrective treatment
    • Mental health support
    • Loss of earnings
    • Travel expenses for attending hospital appointments

    An experienced solicitor will give an initial estimation of the compensation that could be claimed after gathering all necessary information on which procedure as been undergone, what exactly went wrong and how severe a patient’s health has been impacted by the result of cosmetic surgery.


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