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    Breast Surgery Compensation

    In the UK, undertaking breast surgery is one of the most common cosmetic surgery procedures. Whether men or women, it is used to achieve results such as breast augmentations, breast reductions, breast uplifts or breast reconstructions. All these surgeries contain certain risks, just like any medical procedure and can be expected to be carried out professionally including high-standard post-operative care. However, unfortunately sometimes things do go wrong, or the results can fall short of the patient’s expectations. As this can have strong implications for the patient’s physical and mental health, claiming compensation to cover any corrective procedures and psychological treatment with the help of an experienced solicitor could be an option.

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    What can go wrong during cosmetic breast surgery?

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    If something goes wrong during cosmetic breast surgery, the patient can experience not only emotional distress but in serve cases with pains and aesthetically unsatisfactory results such as disfigurements, scarring or lack of symmetry. In most procedures implants will be inserted to achieve an enlargement of the natural breasts of the patient or improve their shape. Commonly used implants consist either of silicone gel in different forms or sterile salt water known as saline implants. It is therefore crucial that the surgeon makes the right choice of implants and checks the compatibility of the patient with the surgery and inserts the implants correctly.

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    Consequences Of A Surgeons Negligence

    If the surgeon fails to do this, there are several consequences a patient can suffer from after the cosmetic breast surgery:

    • Physical consequences to the patient’s body: capsular contracture due to scarring that makes the breast feel too hard, painful scarring, siliconomas where small lumps of silicone get into muscles under the breast or spread into the armpit, arm nerves and lymph glands can cause serious problems, gel bleeds of silicone into the lymphatic systems making the glands swell and uncomfortable, fluid can accumulate around the implant (seroma) and in some cases needs to be drained, nipples can become hypersensitive or numb, infections around the implants
    • Aesthetical consequences: kinks, folds and ripples, scarring can change the colour of the skin or make it lumpy, asymmetries
    • Physical consequences to the implant: implants might have to be replaced if they are split or ruptured which can cause swelling, redness and tenderness

    These symptoms can often mean that further surgery will be needed which can cause patients further emotional distress and medical expenses. If they have been induced by negligent cosmetic surgery a compensation claim could help with these. This might be an option regardless of whether the surgery has been undertaken in the UK or abroad. It is also important that the surgeon takes any necessary precaution and provides sufficient post-operative check-ups to ensure a good healing process. While some scarring and pains are normal after a cosmetic breast surgery, they should improve after roughly 6 months after the procedure. If this is not the case, the patient should seek the advice of a doctor and a specialised solicitor regarding the chances of a compensation claim.


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