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    Amputation Negligence

    The loss of an arm or leg or even a finger or toe (digit amputation) can be a very challenging and life-changing experience. It impacts not only the person who had to undergo amputation and suffers from its consequences, but also their families who will have to support them throughout often lengthy physical and mental rehabilitation. Physical limitations can result in being forced to give up a professional career and retrain or not being able to undertake hobbies and physical activities such as sport anymore which is a very difficult new reality for many people. The knowledge that this harm was caused by an avoidable medical error certainly adds to this.

    But this does not have to be the end of the story: In cases of medical negligence, a solicitor can provide help if the amputation was induced by negligent treatment. This can also be the case if a patient was forced to retaining a limb beyond the possibilities of healing and therefore suffered from unnecessary physical and psychological harm.

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    Is Your Case Caused By Medical Negligence

    There are two main factors leading to an amputation caused by medical negligence

    Misdiagnosis: A misdiagnosis could be the cause if a patient has suffered from an undetected infection which has ultimately led to a sepsis in the patient’s body and loss of blood supply. Another common reason could be cancerous cells which have not been found during initial medical tests leading to a misdiagnosis of cancer.

    Mistreatment: Mistreatment relates to errors occurring during surgery, inadequate post-surgical care, lack of treatment or mistreatment of an infection when specialist care would be needed. This can also include incorrect care provided to diabetes patients.

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    What a solicitor can help with in these cases is bringing a so-called compensation claim. This claim is addressed at the person or entity responsible for the unnecessary amputation. A successful compensation claim can make a big difference to the misdiagnosed or mistreated patient as it can help with several aspects:

    • Access to private medical treatment and the costs of it
    • Mitigating the psychological impacts the amputation has on the patient’s life through psychological support when adapting to the new circumstances
    • Paying for moving to a new home which suits the patients needs or making alteration to their existing home by funding household adaptations
    • The purchase of mobility aids, and adapted cars
    • The ongoing costs of replacing and improving any prosthetics the patient may require though an expert in the field
    • Support the physical rehabilitation treatment financially
    • Advice on how to adapt career aspirations and the options of retraining
    • Loss of earnings

    While every case is different, this can be seen as a guidance as to when a compensation claim could be an option for someone suffering from the consequences of an amputation due to medical negligence. The solicitor will start by gathering all necessary evidence and documentation. This will then be presented to the responsible party who will be requested to make an appropriate payment depending on the needs, losses and limitations of the patient.


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