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    When can I make a claim for a hair damage ?

    You can raise a claim for hair damage where you have suffered from an accident that was not your own fault and instead was caused by another’s negligence. Where a hairdresser has not undertaken a patch test for allergies or even a hair strand test to ensure hair follicles will not be damaged prior to treatment then they will be susceptible to professional negligence claims against them. In such instances, the hairdresser will be legally responsible for your pain and suffering endured as a result of their negligence and your subsequent hair damage.

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    What is hair damage?

    Hair damage occurs where an individual suffers skin irritation, burns or any type of reaction following a hair treatment. With well over 35,000 hairdressing establishments within the UK, it is unsurprising that there are many personal injury compensation claims since the industry remains completely unregulated despite the use of potentially very harmful products. Therefore, any type of professional negligence such as a hairdresser’s failure to take patch tests where an individual subsequently experiences from some form of hair damage can result in a compensation claim for their pain and suffering.

    Types of hair damage include:

    • Balding
    • Damaged hair follicles
    • Hair loss
    • Allergic reactions
    • Scalp dermatitis
    • Rashes
    • Flaky hair

    Typical examples of hair damage compensation claims include:

    • Where hair dyes and treatments have left an individual with skin irritations or burns due to products mixed to the wrong strength.
    • Where a hairdresser has not undertaken an allergy test prior to an individual’s hair treatment thus resulting in a skin reaction.
    • Where chemical products have not been removed from an individual’s hair at the right time leading to irritations, burns and even baldness.

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    How much compensation is possible?

    Compensation for hair damage is entirely dependent on your pain and suffering sustained as well as the financial losses that you have incurred. It is important that you undertake a medical examination in order for a doctor to ascertain the nature and extent of your hair damage injury including recovery time. Thereafter, a specialist personal injury solicitor will be able to provide estimation as to the compensation owed to you by another. Other financial considerations such as your current and future loss of earnings as well as other medical and travel expenses will also be accounted for in your total claim for damages. The law does offer guidance as to these types of injuries although it is always advisable to consult with a personal injury solicitor in the first instance.


    How can I make a claim?

    To make a claim for compensation for your hair damage you should seek legal advice as soon as is practical after your injury. A specialist personal injury solicitor will be best to advise you on your claim and also the likely level of compensation given the facts of your case. Here at Scot Accident Claims, we have vast experience across all personal injury type claims therefore we are always willing to provide help and assistance as to your own situation.


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