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    When can I make a claim for a finger injury?

    You can make a claim for compensation in respect of a finger injury as soon as you have medical confirmation of the damage that you sustained. Focal to your claim however, is the need to prove the negligence of another party whether that be your employer in an accident at work or sporting or road traffic accident. It is important to be able to prove that your finger injury suffered was a direct consequence of another’s negligence since there are a multitude of finger injury type claims and therefore they can be difficult claims to uphold. In all circumstances, it would be advisable to consult a specialist personal injury solicitor since they will be able to direct you as to the evidence you may need in order to succeed in your claim.

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    How much compensation is possible?

    Compensation for a finger injury is determined by the severity of the damage, the pain and suffering endured as well as the chance of you making a full recovery. Financial considerations such as your current and future loss of earnings, medical expenses and travel costs will also be accounted for. There is no defined sum to be expected in respect of finger injury claims since each case is founded on its own facts. However, the law does provide general guidance for finger injury claims although it is only advisory and therefore cannot be guaranteed. Nevertheless, minor type finger injury claims can attract compensation up to £3,970 whilst more severe type injuries including fractures can be awarded up to £29,290 in damages. Therefore, it would always be advisable to consult a specialist personal injury solicitor in the first place since they will be able to better advise you as to your claim for compensation.


    How can I make a claim?

    Following your finger injury diagnosis you can make a claim for compensation. You can do this by contacting a specialist personal injury solicitor who will be able to ascertain very quickly if you have a valid claim. A specialist will have a greater knowledge of similar claims as well as the possible compensation amount that you may be offered. Scot House Lawyer boast excellent specialist personal injury solicitors therefore can help you with your claim today.

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    What is a finger injury?

    A finger injury is a type of complaint ranging in seriousness. Types of finger injuries can include minor cuts or sprains to the loss of a fingertip or even one or more fingers. More often than not, finger injury complaints are both stressful and painful to the sufferer since the use of one’s fingers is necessary for almost every daily activity.

    Most common finger injuries include:

    • Finger dislocations
    • Soft tissue and ligament damage
    • Lacerations
    • Fractures

    Most common examples where finger injuries arise include:

    Accidents at work:

    • Finger injuries resulting from using machinery in the workplace.
    • Occurrence of vibration white finger after using vibrating machinery.
    • Finger injury resulting from a slip, trip or fall in an unsafe working environment.
    • Injuries relating to repetitive activities such as using a keyboard.

    Sporting Accidents:

    • Finger injuries resulting from participation in sporting activities including football and rugby.

    Road Traffic Accidents:

    • Finger injuries resulting from involvement in a serious car or motorcycle accident.

    There is a marked difference between a simple accident and an accident as a result of another’s negligence. Therefore, if you have sustained a finger injury caused by the carelessness or negligence of another party then you may be able to make a claim for compensation against them. In respect of accidents at work, it must be proven that your employer did not adhere to health and safety legislation and therefore was in breach of their duty of care towards you.


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