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    When can you make a claim for a carbon monoxide poisoning injury?

    You can make a claim for compensation as soon as you have medical diagnosis of your carbon monoxide injury. Thereafter, you should consult a specialist personal injury solicitor as they will be better able to advise you of your claim and its strengths. The only proof that is needed is to confirm that you sustained your injury as a result of another’s negligence and carelessness of which they can only be considered legally responsible for your suffering. A specialist personal injury solicitor will therefore be able to direct you as to the evidence needed as well as key witness testimonies. They will have dealt with similar cases in the past therefore will know what compensation offer is possible relative to carbon monoxide injury claims.

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    What is carbon monoxide poisoning?

    Carbon monoxide poisoning occurs where there is an accumulation of carbon monoxide present in your bloodstream. If there is too much carbon monoxide in the air as a result of blocked chimneys, faulty exhausts or even paint fumes then your body begins to replace the oxygen in your red blood cells with carbon monoxide leading to serious tissue damage and sometimes even eventual death. Unsurprisingly more than 4,000 people are admitted to A&E each year with suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. Common symptoms include vomiting and nausea and although the effects are often only short-term, extensive exposure to carbon monoxide can in fact be fatal. If you have suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning through another’s negligence then you may be able to make a claim for compensation in respect of your suffering.

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    How much compensation is possible?

    The level of compensation owed to you is not a defined sum. Claims for carbon monoxide poisoning are founded on their own facts therefore compensation is awarded on a case-by-case basis. The main determinants of compensation in these types of claims are the severity of your carbon monoxide poisoning injury as well as your chances of making a full recovery. Other financial considerations that will be taken into account are your current and future loss of earnings, medical costs and travel expenses. Damages will also focus on the pain and suffering that you have endured and your compensation offer will therefore reflect this fact. In most cases your specialist personal injury solicitor will be able to direct you to a level of compensation that can be expected given the circumstances of your claim.


    How can I make a claim?

    To make a claim for compensation, you should first get medical confirmation of your carbon monoxide poisoning injury and your estimated recovery time. You should then consult a specialist personal injury solicitor and explain the facts relating to your case. A specialist will be able to offer you advise in relation to similar types of claims and the compensation offers that could be expected. A specialist will also be able to direct you to the strengths of your case and what evidence will be required to prove your claim. Here at Scot Accident Claims, we are always willing to listen to clients and their needs. We boast an exceptional talent of specialist personal injury personnel therefore there is no claim that we do not know about.


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