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    When can you make a claim for a broken toe?

    To make a valid claim for compensation for your broken toe injury, you must be able to prove that the injury sustained was caused by another’s negligence. In accidents at work however, the company which you work for remains liable even if your injury was sustained by a negligent co-worker. Therefore, following medical assessment and confirmation of your broken toe, it is therefore advisable that you consult a personal injury specialist who can better recommend you on your claim. A personal injury specialist will have extensive knowledge of similar cases and the likely compensation owed given the circumstances of your own case. Furthermore, a personal injury specialist will be able to arrange an independent medical assessment that will detail both your injury and the extent of the damage suffered as this will have an impact on the level of compensation offered.

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    What is a toe claim?

    A toe injury can include broken phalanges which is essentially a broken toe digit else tendon or ligament damage. Toe injuries can be extremely painful and cause great difficulty to a sufferer yet are not uncommon. The greatest number of compensation claims for toe injuries results from accidents at work where an employee has sustained an injury through operation of dangerous machinery, handling heavy loads or mishandling dangerous tools. However, where an accident occurs and an individual sustains a toe injury that was not one of their own doing then that individual may have a claim for compensation against the negligent party.

    Types of toe injury:

    • Toe breaks and fractures: This type of injury can be extremely painful and can affect one’s ability to walk. In some circumstances, toe breaks or fractures can render someone incapacitated until the toe is fully healed.
    • Crushed toe injury: This type of injury can cause tendon, ligament, and soft tissue damage alongside a broken or fractured bone. A person may suffer from excruciating pain throughout their entire foot following a crushed toe injury.
    • Amputation of toe: This type of injury is the most severe and can often lead to necrosis of surrounding tissue resulting in the development of gangrene and thus eventual amputation. Greater compensation is often awarded to the amputation of a big toe digit due to its necessitation for balance when walking or standing.

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    How much compensation is possible?

    Compensation for broken toe injuries is assessed on the severity of the injury itself and the accompanying distress and loss which it has caused you. There is no specific sum for this type of injury although the law does provide a guideline as to injuries of this nature. As such, minor toe injuries which result in long-term difficulties can receive up to £7050 with more serious injuries totalling £41,250 awarded in damages. Additional damages may also be included owing to current and loss of earnings, medical expenses as well as other costs related to your injury.

    How can I make a claim?

    As soon as practical following your accident and resulting toe injury, you should seek legal advice and especially that of a personal injury specialist. A specialist will be able to ascertain whether you have a valid case and if so what the likely outcome to be expected is. At Scot Accident Claims, we are willing to listen to all clients stories and discuss the likely merits of their case from the beginning. We have varied expertise across all personal injury claims and therefore are well-suited to meet your needs.


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