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    When can you make a claim for bladder cancer injury?

    It can often take around 25 years or longer for bladder cancer to develop having been exposed to carcinogenic chemicals in your place of work. A number of claims that are brought today refer to exposure to chemicals which were in fact banned many years ago such as azo dyes, polycyclic hydrocarbons and amines. Therefore, if you were exposed to such carcinogens as a result of your employer’s negligence or carelessness and have since developed bladder cancer today then, it is likely that they are legally responsible for your injury. Statutory protections such as the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations more specifically for bladder cancer type injuries obligate employers to protect their employees with failure to do so making them liable for any personal injury suffered.

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    What is bladder cancer?

    Bladder cancer occurs where an abnormal tissue growth also recognised as a tumour develops in the bladder lining sometimes spreading into the bladder muscle. It is often associated with blood in your urine but is otherwise painless. There are an estimated 10,000 new cases of bladder cancer diagnosed in the UK each year according to Cancer Research UK with 42% of these cases being considered preventable at all costs. However, a greater number of these cases are being labelled as occupational bladder cancer which is in fact caused by repeated exposure to hazardous chemicals also known as carcinogens. Therefore, bladder cancer injury claims are often sought through this occupational bladder cancer option. As such, if you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer owing to the negligence of your employer in not upholding your protection against potentially hazardous substances then you may have a claim for compensation.

    Workplace examples where chemicals are known to increase your risk of bladder cancer include:

    • Chemical Manufacturing
    • Petroleum Plants
    • Rubber and Tyre Making
    • Metal Casting
    • Dye Manufacturing
    • Painting and Decorating

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    How much compensation is possible?

    The level of compensation awarded is dependent on the severity of the bladder cancer itself as well as the individual’s sudden health deterioration and life expectancy. Compensation is also coupled with current and future loss of earnings as well as any other medical expenses incurred because of the injury. There must be proof that the bladder cancer is a direct result of exposure to carcinogenic chemicals in a workplace and that there were no protective measures undertaken by an employer. The law provides guidance as to the compensation levels of this type of claim at around £17,000 to £100,000 depending on the severity and other relevant considerations. However, it is always advisable to consult a specialist personal injury solicitor as they have a better understanding of these types of claims.


    How can I make a claim?

    You can make a claim soon after your bladder cancer diagnosis. It is important that you have all the relevant dates of your employment where you were exposed to carcinogenic chemicals as a specialist personal injury solicitor would need these when attempting to prove your case. Here at Scot Accident Claims, we pride ourselves on attaining the best results for our client at all costs and are always willing to help.


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