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    When Can You Make A Claim For An Ankle Injury?

    The ankle is a delicate part of the body therefore ankle injuries are not uncommon. Supporting the weight of one’s whole body every day, it is not surprising that ankle injuries occur habitually for one reason or another. However, where an ankle injury occurs as a result of another’s negligence then a claim for compensation may be possible.

    There are no defined rules as to when you can make a claim for an ankle injury only that the injury would not have occurred but for the mistake or negligence of another. In most cases, compensation would not be available for natural ankle sprains or strains since the injury occurred as a result of one’s own doing and not on the part of another. However, in all circumstances it is advisable to consult a personal injury solicitor to ascertain whether you have a valid claim for compensation or not.


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    What types of ankle injuries are there?


    The complexity of the ankle as a body part that is made up of bones, ligaments as well as tendons means that it is both vulnerable and susceptible to an extensive array of injuries. Such injuries include sprains, twists, dislocations or even fractures. As such, depending on the damage sustained, an ankle injury can be considered either minor or major depending on the recovery time needed following an accident. Sprains or strains are therefore regarded as less grave than dislocations, fractures or even broken bones therefore would welcome less compensation than the latter.

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    How much compensation is possible?

    As with all personal injury claims, compensation is dependent on the financial loss you have suffered and continue to suffer. Compensation is also reliant on the pain and suffering that you have endured since your accident therefore both factors are considered together when calculating your claim for compensation. Depending on the severity of your ankle injury will also determine your claim for compensation. Costs for medical treatment and loss of earnings are also accounted for therefore should be documented as proof. There is no exact amount that can be expected since each personal injury case is unique to its own set of facts. However, the law does recognise ankle injuries as warranting a certain level of compensation thus there are guidelines available to assist personal injury solicitors. Consequently, seeking legal advice will therefore allow your case to be heard and allow for an estimate as to your likely compensation owed given the circumstances and the guidelines.

    How can I make a claim?

    Primarily you should consult a personal injury specialist solicitor who will have dealt with similar cases in the past. All personal injury type cases are founded on their own facts but claims which are more than similar are likely to welcome the same level of compensation therefore having an experienced solicitor on your side would be beneficial. Attempting to raise a claim yourself is not impossible but you could overlook simple factors which could then affect your overall claim for compensation. As such, here at Scot Accident Claims, we boast a strong personal injury personnel thus can help advise you best as to your potential compensation outcome.


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