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At Scot Accident Claims, we understand that no two personal injury claims are the same therefore we offer a highly experienced team of personal injury lawyers that have acted in all the Scottish courts and in thousands of differing cases. Our first step is to listen to your story and understand your current situation. From there, we will then gather the necessary evidence to help prove your case. Once we have agreed all the facts, it will then be possible to consider how much compensation may be due relative to your injury, loss of earnings as well as any medical treatment that was necessitated. Often, it is better to negotiate a settlement with the defending party; that is the person or company that has caused your injuries rather than go to court. At Scot Accident Claims, we pride ourselves on our negotiation skills ensuring that your financial concerns are met thus we will endeavour to achieve the maximum possible settlement in the minimum amount of time. However, all available options will be discussed with you first and foremost.

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Can I Make A Claim ?

If you have been injured at home, in a car, at work or outdoors and a third party is at fault you will have the right to make a claim.

Personal injury is the legal terminology for an injury sustained to the body, mind or emotions as opposed to an injury to property. Common types of personal injury claims include accidents at work, road traffic accidents as well as product defect accidents often recognised as product liability cases. However, personal injury also covers medical and dental type accidents which are collectively identified as medical negligence cases. Furthermore, personal injury incorporates industrial disease accidents whereby individuals have contracted unfortunate health conditions from exposure to certain materials such as asbestos. The scope for personal injury cases is therefore extremely vast but allows for all types of potential claims to be heard adequately.

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Scot Accident Claims Law

If you have sustained an injury from an accident in Scotland or elsewhere and the accident occurred as a result of another’s negligent actions or inactions then you may be entitled to compensation. There are no defined rules as to the type of accident that you have had or the injury that you incur only that it could have been prevented but for the negligence of another. The mere fact is that accidents do happen and more often than not there is another source of fault owing to the personal injury suffered by an individual. Under Scots law, individuals therefore have an entitlement to claim compensation for this loss suffered through no fault of their own.

Time Period To Make A Claim

To raise a personal injury claim, there is a triennium which is a specified period of three years starting from the date on which your injury occurred. For children, the triennium begins from the day when they turn 16 years old. The three year time limit is especially important and would only be overlooked in exceptional circumstances. However, it should be acknowledged that the triennium does not continue during a period of time when you are mentally incapable of managing your own legal affairs. However, in all circumstances, it would be advisable to obtain legal counsel as soon as possible. Early investigation into a personal injury claims allows for establishing key witness testimonies as well as other important evidence to support your case.


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Very efficient, professional service provided in respect of a personal injury claim. Minimal fuss and clear communication. Highly recommended

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Was in need of urgent advice and Greg was on hand and offered fantastic advice and recommendations

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The team really tried their best to make sure I got the best settlement possible. Great communication and a very in depth knowledge of road traffic claims.