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    Perhaps among the most common of all industrial diseases, vibration white finger (also known as hand arm vibration syndrome) causes a multitude of debilitating problems for those who have to suffer from it. This condition occurs when the nerves and joints of individual’s hands and fingers become numb and without any sensation of touch. Despite this loss of feeling, the disease can be very painful for those it affects and often leaves them unable to carry out any further forms of manual employment. Vibration white finger therefore has the potential to leave people jobless and having to endure lifelong pain.

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    If you suffer from any disease and you believe it may be attributable to any previous place of work, then you could be entitled to compensatory pay-outs.

    Despite this severe permanent damage, it is the way in which vibration white finger tends to be contracted that is more alarming. Those who are required to regularly operate handheld power tools during the course of their employment are susceptible to the movement from the device wearing down their nerve endings, causing permanent loss. However, since the use of this equipment is almost always required in certain jobs, exposure to the harmful activity is often unavoidable. This leaves those in manual employment at a high risk of damage, through no fault of their own.

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    How To Make A Vibration White Finger Claim?

    Employers owe their workforce a duty of care and hold the responsibility of ensuring that their safety is never compromised during the tasks they are required to carry out. This means that where a risk is apparent, bosses must provide safety equipment to ensure no harm befalls those exposed to it. Employers in markets where manual labour is needed have indeed long known of the dangers posed by vibrating power tools. Despite this, many have continually failed to provide their workers with adequate protection. Situations where this is apparent are clearly unacceptable and those bossess’ actions are blatantly negligent.

    The law recognises that no individual’s lives should be adversely affected by the failings of their employers while they continued to work unaware of the danger they were exposed to. Those who have suffered vibration white finger at the hands of a negligent employer are therefore able to seek justice and recover compensation in place of the needless harm they have sustained.

    At Accident Claims Scotland, our specialist team are able to utilise their encompassing expertise and help you decide what steps to take next if you have been affected by your employer’s negligence. We will help you retrace the steps which led to your employer failing to provide adequate safety measures and aid you in determining when their duty of care was breached.

    Our lawyers understand that the thought of a claim for compensation on top of the various associated stresses permanent injuries carry can often exacerbate your problems further. We therefore strive to ensure that client inconvenience is kept at a minimum and that we provide a supportive service throughout any necessary future steps.

    If you believe you could have been affected by negligent conduct at the hands of your employer, then please do not hesitate to contact our team for free initial advice.


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