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    Tinnitus Disease Claims Experts

    Tinnitus is a condition that causes the person affected to hear a buzzing, ringing or otherwise irritating sound, that is not happening externally. This can simply be a ringing that lasts for a short time, for example after a concert or a symphony. In more severe cases, the sound can become a permanent issue. There can also be workplace hearing loss caused by prolonged exposure to loud noise. This is usually due to lack of access to safety training and equipment. In such cases, where it can be proven that the workplace failed in their duty to the pursuer, a claim would be appropriate. A claim can be raised up to 3 years after the hearing issue was identified.

    Tinnitus Claims Experts

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    If you suffer from any disease and you believe it may be attributable to any previous place of work, then you could be entitled to compensatory pay-outs.

    Tinnitus as a result of workplace exposure to loud noises isn’t something that would become immediately or suddenly apparent to the victim. This would happen over a prolonged period of time. Once the noise becomes a permanent issue, quality of life and ability to continue working could be severely impacted. Industries that would be at risk include, Agriculture ,Construction,Engineering ,The military, Work within Aviation Industry and Telecoms.

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    Can I Make A Tinnitus Claims ?

    If while working in such industries, the employer provides correct and up to date safety equipment, such as ear defenders, then issues are less likely, and their liability is greatly decreased. Employers are also required to keep employees up to date with the most current safety training to ensure equipment is being used correctly. If one, or both, of these things have not been adhered to, a claim would be appropriate. Things that may be taken in to consideration with such a claim include:

    Loss of earnings – the condition may render the claimant unable to continue in their current line of work, and thus they would suffer financially.

    Mental distress – if the tinnitus is a constant noise, this is bound to require a period of adjustment and will likely cause mental distress to the claimant.

    Pain – the claimant may have not only mental, but physical suffering as a result of their tinnitus. This has been known to cause serious issues with sleeping, which could impact the claimants’ ability to go about their day to day life.

    Loss of enjoyment – It may be taken in to consideration that the claimant was able to enjoy certain hobbies or activities prior to their diagnosis. If this is the case, it may be reflected in the compensation awarded.

    There isn’t a direct cure for tinnitus at this time. The issue can be treated with CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) in order to change the persons’ perception of the noise, as opposed to focusing or dwelling on it. Sometimes drugs, such as antidepressants, can help to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus. It is worth investigating a claim under these circumstances. It is a potentially lifelong issue, that could have possibly been prevented had the employer exercised more caution. It is a health and safety issue, that if unchecked, could continue to affect employees going forward. It is about money for the victim, as their life has been impacted. It should also however be about protecting others in the long term. If you have developed Tinnitus our team of experienced industrial disease  claims lawyers can help today.


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