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    Pleural Thickening Solicitors

    If you have worked or been surrounded by asbestos in the past there is a high chance that you may develop long-lasting, negative health side effects. There are various conditions associated with such contact with the dangerous substance and each carries its own implications. However, contracting any of these as a result of wrongful exposure may allow you an avenue of redress against those responsible.

    One such condition rife in those who have worked with or have lived within close proximity to those involved in using asbestos is the painful disease of pleural thickening. This is where affected lungs become significantly thickened due to the prevalence of scarring in the membrane. Unfortunately, this creates permanent difficulties for those afflicted, resulting in increased breathlessness and long-periods of discomfort.

    It is often the case that pleural thickening only develops later in life, long after the potential period of exposure ceased. This can create anger and frustration in individuals as it becomes difficult to trace the source of the injury and therefore can feel like there is few options of where to turn to next. Our dedicated team of lawyers here at Scot Accident Claims  offer a professional service, specialising in asbestos-related diseases and are able to shine a guiding light on potential next steps required in finding justice for those affected by pleural thickening.


    Pleural Thickening Advice

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    Why Choose Scot Accident Claims ?

    If you suffer from any disease and you believe it may be attributable to any previous place of work, then you could be entitled to compensatory pay-outs.

    Employers have long held the legal obligation to protect their staff from being exposed to dangerous substances and so if you have been in contact with asbestos during your working life then it may be possible that compensation will be owed.

    It is often the case that certain employers which may have potentially contributed to the level of exposure are no longer in existence. Even although this may be, it should not put claimants off seeking compensation. Instead of filing a claim against insolvent previous employers, our team of lawyers will seek redress through their insurers. This ensures that a just outcome is always achievable.

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    How To Make A Pleural Thickening Claim?

    Scotland is the only country in the United Kingdom in which a claim for compensation in regard to pleural thickening can be made. It is, however, important to take quick and decisive action subsequent to a diagnosis of the condition as the law places a limit of three years in which to claim for after knowledge has been established.

    At Scot Accident Claims we understand how distressing a diagnosis of pleural thickening can be and so our team has developed practice which ensures that the process remains as stress-free as possible while minimising the emotional side effects.

    If you believe you may be owed compensation as a result of suffering from pleural thickening and its side-effects then, please, do not hesitate to contact our specialist industrial disease team  in your search for the justice you may deserve.


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