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    Occupational Dermatitis Claims Scotland

    While the more common conception of industrial disease is limited mainly to those caused by well-known issues like asbestos, there is an extensive list of further conditions which can arise as a result of an individual’s employment.One of these diseases which society appears to be less aware of is the life-inhibiting condition of dermatitis. This is where individual’s, by reason of the nature of their work or otherwise, come into regular contact with certain substances known to cause irritation. A sustained and dangerous level of exposure usually begins by causing inflammation and itchiness before becoming severely painful and causing blisters and sores. The seriousness of these problems varies from individual to individual but in any case, suffering from dermatitis creates distress and inconveniences.


    Occupational Dermatitis Compensation

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    If you suffer from any disease and you believe it may be attributable to any previous place of work, then you could be entitled to compensatory pay-outs.

    When symptoms begin to appear in those afflicted, it often becomes hard to comprehend and determine how the problem was caused. It is often difficult for sufferers to hold certain employers responsible for damage suffered, in many cases, decades after that period of work ceased. This creates stress and frustration and an impossible prospect of achieving peace of mind.

    However, when seeking a stable presence offering guidance, our dedicated team at Scot Accident Claims has the necessary expertise to provide calm and clear advice in order to help those affected by dermatitis arrive at the justice they may deserve.

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    How To Make A Occupational Dermatitis Claim

    If you suffer from dermatitis and it is possible that it may have arisen as a result of any working environment you have been employed under, then you could be owed compensation.

    Employers have indeed held a longstanding obligation to protect their staff from the possible risks of contracting dermatitis. This is especially true when the industry of work is a known culprit for using potentially hazardous substances. Bosses should provide workers with protective equipment which minimises the risk of exposure. However, it has been a frequent occurrence in certain workplaces where this legal duty has been breached and no protection has ever been issued.

    Those who break the law should be held responsible.

    There are certain industries where the presence of dermatitis has become prevalent, these include:

    • Working with oil or petrol.
    • Processing food.
    • Regularly using heavy-duty cleaning products.
    • Wearing latex and other rubber articles of clothing.

    At Scot Accident Claims, we understand and appreciate how a diagnosis of dermatitis can carry emotional and physical side-effects and so our team of lawyers strive to ensure any process of claiming is kept as stress-free and client-centred as possible.

    If you suffer from dermatitis and believe it could have been caused as a result of one or more of your employers then, please, do not hesitate to contact us and allow our team to guide you to the justice you may deserve.


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