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    Occupational Asthma Compensation

    Asthma is one of the most widespread modern medical conditions and is suffered by large numbers of our population. It seems to be more commonly believed that individuals are born with the problem and have to cope with it for the rest of their lives. However, while the majority of instances of the condition are indeed the result of genetics which is diagnosed at an early age, there are certain circumstances when it can come about later in life.The most common way that this illness is seen to arrive in older adults is due to the conditions they have to endure daily during the course of their employment.

    Certain jobs require employees to work amongst toxic fumes and dust particles. This is a mainstay of such work as paint and wood manufacturing. While short periods of exposure will not pose any material risks, when this is multiplied over the course of several years and, in many cases, decades, then the impact on individuals can be seriously threatening to their physical health. Such extended periods of exposure to these fumes and inhalation of such particles can see workers suffering permanent and irreparable damage to their lungs. This then makes the chance of them developing asthma inevitable. It does seem unthinkable that, under modern rules and regulations, employers are able to inflict such life-changing damage on their staff. If you have been involved in a working environment like this and developed asthma, our team of personal injury solicitors can help you make a claim.

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    If you suffer from any disease and you believe it may be attributable to any previous place of work, then you could be entitled to compensatory pay-outs.

    Indeed, the law does place a legal duty on employers to protect their workers from the risks which inhalation of these substances pose. This should be done through the provision of respiratory masks and air filtering devices. However, it is often the case that these measures are ineffective or not present at all. The law then affords those who suffer the opportunity to claim against any failures in adhering to these obligations.

    Despite this, developing asthma later in life can often be a confusing time for individuals and it is common that they attribute its symptoms to old age rather than a serious medical condition. This can in turn result in people suffering from frustration and anger at the inability to determine what is going wrong.

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    How To Make An  Occupational Asthma Claim?

    At Scot Accident Claims, our team of specialised lawyers are able to offer support and guidance on what steps can be taken next to help those who suffer realise the justice they may deserve. If issues like breathlessness, coughing and tightness of the chest do begin to appear, and you work in an environment where vapours and dust are prevalent then it is crucial that medical advice is sought to determine the issue.

    If it transpires that these symptoms are those of an asthma condition, then legal redress is the only viable option.Our team understand the pressure and further emotional toll a diagnosis of this nature can cause and so we strive to ensure that the process of claiming is kept as convenient and stress-free as possible.

    If you believe you may be eligible to claim against your employer’s failure to protect you against the risk of occupational asthma then, please, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


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