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    Asbestos Claims Solicitors Glasgow

    Even although the negative health problems that exposure to asbestos carries has been known for decades, the effects of the problem are still being felt throughout society today. The conditions which arise as a result of contact with the harmful substance are often life-threatening and include:

    • Pleural plaques and thickening
    • Mesothelioma
    • Lung cancer
    • Asbestosis

    There are many ways in which this exposure can come about but the most common is seen to be during the course of individual’s employment. This is rife in those who worked in construction or manufacturing which dealt with the product. This is not to say that it is the only way in which illnesses associated with the issue can come about; they can also be seen to be prevalent in spouses of workers and those who come into contact with dangerous third-party’s premises.

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    Has Your Employer Been Negligent?

    Employers have long held a legal duty to ensure that the working environment they subject their staff to daily is kept safe. Our industrial disease lawyers can help you through the claims process.

    Employers must take positive steps to mitigate the risk of exposure to a reasonable and non-dangerous level. This can be done through the provision of certain pieces of protective equipment and the monitoring of the amount of hazardous substance in the premises’ air. However, this is not always the case and it has been long established that employers refused to effectively minimise or indeed even recognise the risk at all.

    Therefore, if an employer has acted negligently in this manner, it is possible for those who suffer with an asbestos related condition to enforce their rights and claim for any compensation they may deserve.

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    If subsequent to a diagnosis of a potentially life-shortening condition, times can get difficult for those afflicted. It becomes a period riddled with anger and frustration and a struggle to definitively determine the source of all this suffering. Clear and calm thinking is required at times of such personal anguish.

    When this struggle inevitably continues, the team at Accident Claims Scotland are able to offer a potential glimmer of hope. Our lawyers are both professional and dedicated and will help guide any potential claim through the process and toward the justice which may well be owed.

    When the law has been broken, then those responsible must be met with reasoned and principled opposition.

    If you believe you suffer from an illness which could potentially have been caused through an employer’s failure to protect against the risk of asbestos, then it is important to take quick and decisive action. The law imposes a limit of three years between establishing knowledge of the condition and making a claim and so time does really become of the essence.

    Our team recognise and appreciate how such times can carry both an emotional and physical impact on those who suffer and their wider families. We therefore strive to ensure that the process of claiming is kept as stress-free and client centred as possible.

    If for any reason you believe you may be in the position to make a claim for asbestos related conditions then, please, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.


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