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    Acoustic Shock Compensation

    While most industrial diseases concerning exposure to noise result in individuals suffering total or partial deafness, there are other ways in which dangerous sound levels can affect those exposed. One common form of such is acoustic shock which occurs subsequent to a sudden and excessive level of noise close by to those affected. While this can induce varying degrees of hearing loss, many go on to develop debilitating alternative conditions such as tinnitus.

    There are many environments in which acoustic shock can find itself present in. Those who work with loud machinery are particularly at risk, especially when concerning equipment which emits sudden high-pitched sounds. However, those whose work requires them to be on the phone or have earphones in for large parts of the day are also at risk. Acoustic shock is therefore prevalent in those employed as call handlers and sound engineers.

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    Employers have long held a legal duty to ensure that the working environment they subject their staff to daily is kept safe. Our industrial disease lawyers can help you through the claims process.

    Tinnitus is the most common way in which those who have been subjected to acoustic shock are able to identify that damage has been done. There are many forms of this condition but almost all cause constant noise in individual’s ears; sometimes high-pitched, other times in the form of an incessant buzzing. While the presence of the sounds is inconvenient enough, it often results in many tinnitus sufferers finding themselves having difficulty sleeping and problems when carrying out normal tasks.

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    At Scot Accident Claims, our specialist team are able to utilise their encompassing expertise and help you decide what steps to take next if you have been affected by your employer’s negligent conduct.

    We will help you retrace the steps leading to the damage being caused and determine where your employer failed to provide adequate preventative measures.

    Our lawyers understand that the thought of a claim for compensation on top of the various associated stresses wrongful injuries carry can often exacerbate your problems further. We therefore strive to ensure that client inconvenience is kept at a minimum and that we provide a supportive service throughout any necessary future steps.

    If you believe you could have been affected by a negligent mistake at the hands of your employer, then please do not hesitate to contact our team for free initial advice.


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