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As skin cancer has grown to become one of the most common forms of the disease, so too has awareness regarding its symptoms and causes. Skin cancer is most often seen to come about as a result of over exposure to ultraviolet light. This, of course, mainly comes from the sun but with modern trends and fashions, more people are increasingly being exposed to it via artificial sunbeds and tanning equipment.

This has inevitably led to a marked rise in the numbers of those contracting the life-threatening disease. Despite the cancer having the capability of causing severe harm to those affected by it, survival rates are high when the signs are caught early.

Skin Cancer Medical Negligence

To ensure that no instances of skin cancer slip through their nets, medical professionals are obliged to follow strict testing standards in order to help them accurately determine whether their patient’s purported symptoms are those of the killer disease or not.

However, this is not always the case. There are occasions where doctors and other health professionals have been seen to deviate away from the accepted procedures and wrongly diagnose their patient’s condition. This is often in the form of them wrongly attributing a set of blatant symptoms to other harmless diseases.

Medical professionals owe their patients a duty of care and must adhere to their obligations in following the strictest accepted procedures in order to ensure they are affording accurate advice with regard to potential diagnoses. Failure to do so can result in vital treatment being delayed significantly and therefore reduce the chances of their patient’s survival.

In cases in which it can be proved that a professional’s inactions in properly following procedure has caused an individual’s skin cancer to spread and therefore reduced their likelihood of being cured then the law will recognise the damage which has been done and offer a chance for compensation for those harmed.

If you believe you may have been subject of a professional’s medical negligence then it is important to act quickly in order to achieve the justice you may deserve.

Let Us Help With Your Skin Cancer Claim

At Scot Accident Claims, our specialist team are able to utilise their encompassing expertise and help you decide what steps to take next if you have been affected by medical negligence.

We will help you retrace the steps leading to your possible misdiagnoses and any subsequent further mistakes and aid you in determining at what stage it all went wrong.

Our lawyers understand that the thought of a claim for compensation on top of the various associated stresses an illness like cancer carries can often exacerbate your problems further. We therefore strive to ensure that client inconvenience is kept at a minimum and that we provide a supportive service throughout any necessary future steps.

If you believe you could have been affected by a negligent mistake at the hands of a medical professional, then please do not hesitate to contact our team for free initial advice.