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The head hosts the most vital organ in the body, the brain; in addition to this it hosts your eyes, ears, mouth, and nose. It is unnecessary to say that any head injury at all is dangerous, but they range from the minor to the life altering and deadly. According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, in England and Wales 1.4 million people attend emergency departments due to head injuries each year.

If you have suffered a head injury which you believe was caused by the negligence of your employer or a third party, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. For a free consultation please contact our solicitors today, for more information keep reading.

Can I receive compensation?

This question is dependent on: If the injury was caused by the negligence of the third party or employer, and if the injury has taken place in the last three years. The three year time limit is for cases of negligence, however the laws regarding this matter are not always the same. You should contact our solicitors as soon as possible to have the highest chance of claiming monetary payment. If you have contracted the condition in the workplace, then your employer will be liable; if you contracted the condition in a road accident, the other driver will be liable.

Which head injuries can I claim compensation for?

The structure of the head is intricate, due to this there are a large quantity of possible injuries. It is imperative to have a medical professional asses your specific condition, this will allow us to file the correct claim.

There are three main categories of head injuries:

  • Concussions: A mild head injury that presents as a non-permanent decline in brain function. This is usually after trauma to the head or other injuries.
  • Closed head injury: A head injury that is the result of a force on the head that does not penetrate the skin. This can be from trauma to the head with a blunt object, or a sudden motion that causes a dangerous vibration to the head (such as from a car accident).
  • Open head injury: A head injury that is the result of an object that penetrates through the skin. These injuries are often the most dangerous, and can result in permanent damage and disability.

How much compensation can I receive?

This is a very difficult question as it is variable, and hinges on several factors. The significant elements are listed below:

  1. Total expenses including: medical treatment, psychological treatment, physiotherapy, travel expenses related to the accident, etc.
  2. Pain and Suffering caused from the injury.
  3. Changes to your quality of life, such as daily tasks or happiness from activities.
  4. Loss of income and employment, due to the injury.

Although, there is a general amount that is usually earned from some injuries (listed in order of least compensation to the most):

  1. Minor brain injury, where there are no long term consequences or minimal brain damage: £1,500 to £8,500 sterling.
  2. Minor brain injury, where the individual is able to function, but there may be psychological symptoms such as, poor memory, loss of concentration, mood swings: £10,000 to £29,000 sterling.
  3. Moderate brain injury, where there are symptoms that result in decreased ability to work or require the individual to be cared for: £29,000 to £100,000 sterling.
  4. Moderate brain injury, where there are severe effects to the quality of life and mental capabilities of the individual: £100,000 to £145,000 sterling.
  5. Severe brain injury, where there are major disabilities and significant requirement of care for the individual: £145,000 to £185,000 sterling.
  6. Extremely severe brain injury, where there is disability to such an extent that individual has little to no mental capabilities and requires full time care: £185,000 to £270,000 sterling.

It has to be noted, these figures are an estimation of what you could earn from your claim. Filing a claim on your own is complicated, time consuming, and risky to your overall case. It is highly recommended that you contact our solicitors today