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    Swimming Pool Accidents

    When on holiday you will undoubtedly at some point head down to the swimming pool at your hotel, but what starts as a relaxing day in the sun could turn into a trip to hospital, whether for you or one of the members of your group. Injury and illness can occur from negligence on the part of the hotel or the party responsible for the swimming pool. They could be negligent for failing to make sure there is a lifeguard on duty, that the water is clean and safe or that the area around the pool is free from any hazards such as broken tiles. On holiday children are more vulnerable to an injury at the swimming pool than any other age group.

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    Types of swimming pool accidents.

     Slips, trips and falls – the area around the pools and steps are a frequent cause of injury, one of the reasons for this could be that the tiles are damaged.Diving Injuries – serious injury can occur to the head and spine from diving into pools that are too shallow. The hotel should have a lifeguard on duty or signage up around the pool warning of the danger of diving.

    Cuts and lacerations – This could happen because of damaged tiles around the pool. Drain suction injuries – Swimming pools with excessive levels of suction from the drains could cause serious injury and even drowning. If drain covers are left off, swimmers can be pulled into the drains.Chlorine poisoning and chemical burns – If the hotel have used too much chlorine or chemical disinfectant in the pool the water can become poisonous.Illnesses from contaminated pool water – swimming pool water should contain chlorine or another chemical disinfectant to kill bacteria. However, if this is not done or not done properly then the bacteria could reach hazardous levels which could make you ill.

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    Who is liable for my injury/illness?

     If you booked a package holiday then your tour operator will be liable. It is their duty to make sure you are safe when you are on holiday. Under the Package Travel Regulation 1992 tour operators have a responsibility to make sure that regular health and safety checks are carried out on the hotel premises including the accommodation and the swimming pool. The swimming pool must have fully functioning life-saving equipment on site. So if your tour operator has failed in this then under the legislation then you may be able to claim compensation.


    How much compensation can I claim?

     The amount you will be awarded solely depends on the type of injury/illness that you sustained while you were on holiday and who was liable. The total amount awarded to you could include compensation for any costs you incurred as well as any loss of earnings you have sustained because of your injury. Your Scot Accident Claims solicitor will be able to direct you further when they know the full details of what has happened to you.


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