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    Skiing Injuries Compensation

    Skiing is an amazing sport and ski holidays are fairly popular for winter getaways, however skiing carries the risk of personal injury. The most common injuries include: head injuries and orthopaedic injures. While we hope that your ski holiday goes to plan and there are no injuries what happens if there is? On this page we will look at the best ways to protect yourself from injury and what to do if it does go wrong.

    The Ski Federation have set out a list of rules to follow when you are skiing the top five of these are:

    • Respect your fellow skiers and snowboarders
    • Speed and manner must be adapted to the conditions of terrain, snow and weather as well as traffic on the piste.
    • If travelling from behind, choose your routes in such a way not to endanger others.
    • When overtaking, leave enough room so that you can anticipate any unexpected manoeuvres from the skier in front.
    • Look in all directions before entering the slope to avoid a collision.

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    What should you do after a ski accident?

    Our team of highly trained personal injury solicitors can lead you through the claims process.

    If you receive an injury while skiing no matter how small you think it is always seek medical attention immediately. Also call the police so you can report the accident and make sure you get a copy of the report.

    If you are able gather as much evidence as you can to help support your claim such as taking photos of where you were injured and the weather conditions. If possible you could also try and collect some statements from anyone who witnessed your accident.

    Can I claim for a ski accident?

    You may be entitled to claim for compensation. Our expert lawyer can advise you on the individual circumstances of your claim.

    How much compensation might I get if my claim is successful?

    The amount of compensation you can expect to receive depends on the individual circumstances of the claim and the seriousness of your injuries. Our lawyers will advise you once they know the individual circumstances of your claim

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    Who do I make my claim against?

    If your injury was due to another person’s negligence then you may be able to claim against them or their insurance. You can also claim against the tour operator, ski centre, ski lift operator or your tutor.


    How long do I have to make a claim?

    Within the UK you have three years from the date of the accident to make a claim. However, depending on where your ski accident happened they may operate different laws which means the time may be shorter. If you want to make a ski accident claim then the best time to do it would be as soon as possible.


    How long does a claim take?

    There is no set time on how long it will take for you to settle your claim. This would all depend on the seriousness of your accident and your individual claim.


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