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    Assaults Abroad Compensation

    If your holiday hasn’t gone to plan and you have been the victim of an assault whether it be physical or sexual you might be able to claim compensation. If you are assaulted abroad it can be very difficult to speak to the police especially if there is a language barrier, you might be scared and not know what to do or where to turn. Below we detail everything you need to know if you have been assaulted abroad.


    What kind of assaults might I be able to claim compensation for?

    You might be able to claim compensation if you have been the victim of a mugging, rape or sexual assault, a violent attack including shootings.



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    What do I do if I have been assaulted while abroad?

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    If you want the crime to be investigated then you will need to report it to the police before you leave the country. You also might need to report the crime if you want to make a claim on your travel insurance.

    If you have been assaulted abroad the first thing to do would be to find the nearest British Embassy, commission or consulate. Your holiday representative should be able to tell you where these are.

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    How can the British Embassy, commission or consulate help me?

    The British Embassy, commission or consulate will be able to get you help to understand local police and legal procedure, they will be able to find you an English speaking lawyer or translator. They will also be able to help find you medical treatment or an English speaking doctor and they will be able to contact your relatives and friends to let them know something has happened to you.


    What should I do if I have been raped or sexually assaulted while abroad?

    It is your choice whether you report a rape or sexual assault to the police abroad. If you decide to report it you will need to do it soon after the attack to help with any investigation or gather evidence.

    The British Embassy, commission or consulate will be able to arrange for someone to accompany you to a local police station, arrange a medical exam or find an English speaking doctor. They will help you get advice on sexually transmitted infections, abortion and pregnancy, according to the laws of the country you are in.


    What could be included in my claim?

    As well as claiming for the injuries you sustained from the assault, you may also be able to claim for loss of earnings, any medical expenses you paid while receiving treatment, care and assistance and various other expenses.


    Will I be successful?

    The success of your claim, wholly depends on the circumstances of the assault. Your solicitor will talk you through this.


    How much compensation can I claim?

    The amount of compensation you may be entitled too again wholly depends on the circumstances of your injuries. The seriousness of your injuries and any losses you may have incurred as a result of the assault.


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