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    Repetitive Strain Injury Claims

    Some jobs, by their very nature, require employees to carry out repetitive and recurring daily tasks. While this may seem harmless at the time, the effect of years and, in some cases, decades worth of repetition can ultimately result in severe and drawn-out long-term injuries.

    In other words, this is the well-known issue of repetitive strain injury. This is where repeated tasks gradually wear away at an individual’s soft muscle tissue and commonly results in them suffering extended periods of pain. While this inevitably causes short-term personal inconvenience, it is often the case that those who suffer from the issue find themselves facing lengthy employment absences due to their inability to continue working.It is a reality that struggling to get dressed due to back pain can quickly develop into struggling to remain secure in employment.

    However, after time passes and the symptoms of the injury become clearer and significantly more exacerbated, people are commonly seen to be unable to tell where the source of their suffering arose from. It is difficult to connect employment periods which may have ceased some years previously with inhibiting injuries suffered in the present.This is stressful and can only make the problems worse. Calm and rational thinking is hard when coping with pain while trying to find answers. Effective guidance is crucial.

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    Can You Make A Claim?

    If you suffer from an injury which could be attributable to the nature of your work, then it may be possible that you are owed compensation.

    Scot Accident Claims dedicated team of personal injury lawyers offer client’s the perfect face to turn to when seeking a professional approach in solving such complex issues.

    Our wide range of expertise allows for each individual injury suffered to be catered for and dealt with in a stress-free manner. We ensure that any potential claims being made are handled sensitively and in a way centred around clients’ own personal circumstances.

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    How To Make A Repetitive Strain Injury Claim?

    Employers owe their employees a duty of care and are obliged by law to protect their staff from the risk of repetitive strain injury. Therefore, if there is any doubt that this requirement has been properly adhered to then it is vital that avenues of redress are quickly sought.

    While repetitive strain injuries are most commonly seen as a result of heavy lifting and other manual labour jobs, it can still often occur in office employment and other less physical environments. Therefore, no matter if certain previous workplaces may seem like an unlikely source of the long-term injuries suffered, it is vital that the possibility of making a claim is explored.

    One of the most widespread repetitive strain injuries is the painful issue of vibration white finger. This is where nerves and tissues in the hand and fingers are gradually worn down through the repeated and sustained use of high-powered vibrating manual tools. This can be prevented by employer’s issuing adequate protection and so if symptoms begin to appear, it may be the case that compensation could be owed.

    However, injuries can also be the result of tasks such as repeatedly answering the phone and prolonged periods of using computers.

    If any of this information has the potential to be similar to any of your workplace environments, past or present then it is imperative that you do not hesitate to contact our team of  workplace accident claim lawyers  and allow us to offer the guidance you may vitally need.


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