PTSD at Work

    When distressing events occur in front of others, the way in which they can attempt deal with witnessing them varies depending on the individual involved. Situations where this becomes apparent can include individuals being a part of an accident or even watching it unfold.

    One of the side-effects in people which can be seen to arise as a result of such events is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This carries both emotional and physical problems for those affected by it. Some of these symptoms include:

    • Insomnia
    • Depression
    • Flashbacks
    • Anger

    It is common for those who suffer from PTSD to be unable to definitively determine what it is that is causing them these various problems. This usually can lead to things getting worse and feelings associated with the illness become exacerbated further. This can then cause sufferers gradually becoming distanced from others and, in some cases, falling out of employment.

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    Can You Make A Claim?

    If you suffer from an injury which could be attributable to the nature of your work, then it may be possible that you are owed compensation.

    However, when this life-changing condition is brought about only due to what they witness while at their place of work, it seems unjust that they have to bear the consequences personally.Employers do indeed have a legal obligation not only to protect their staff from physical harms but mental ones too. This protection is most commonly seen provided through bosses ensuring that the workplace is hazard free insofar that the chance of a traumatic event occurring is minimal.

    However, it is unfortunately often seen that employers often fail to provide sufficient safeguards against this risk and so when a serious accident does inevitably occur, those who watch on have to deal with the effects which witnessing it can cause. Therefore, if this does transpire then it is clear that the employer has breached their duty and consequently broke the law.

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    This means that if you have suffered from PTSD as a result of something you witnessed at work then you may be entitled to claim for compensation. Despite this, since the condition is so hard to personally diagnose, those who suffer are often unable to decide what next steps they may be entitled to take to achieve the peace of mind they deserve.

    However, our team of professional and dedicated lawyers at Accident Claims Scotland are able to offer a guiding hand through such difficult times. We understand that suffering from PTSD can be frustrating and cause confusion about what to do next and sometimes the thought of making a claim against any injury you have sustained can even make things worse. However, our specialist team appreciate such issues and have the necessary expertise to handle cases sensitively and in a way that ensures further stress is minimised.

    If you have witnessed an event at work that may have brought on symptoms of PTSD then, please, do not hesitate to contact us and allow us to help you work towards the justice you may deserve.


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