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    Needlestick Injury Compensation

    In some industries it is common for employees to work in the use and disposal of hypodermic needles. These are small, sharp objects most often used to administer drugs to patients. While professional training is required to teach individuals how to use these, most of the problems are seen to arise as a result of their uncareful disposal. In recent years, it has been a frequent occurrence that such a careless handling of hypodermic needles has caused those doing so to accidentally become injured by these sharp object’s tips. The consequences of this can turn out to be life threatening.

    This is due to the fact that some individuals these needles may have been administered to could potentially be carrying dangerous blood-borne diseases such as HIV AIDS. This should, however, never be allowed to happen; health workers and waste disposers do not deserve to have their health jeopardised by virtue of their employment.

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    Employers do indeed hold a legal duty to prevent the chances of this happening. The law obliges them to provide workers with appropriate training on how to use hypodermic needles safely and dispose of them in a way which creates no additional risks. These guidelines are strict and are in place for the safety of us all. Unfortunately, these rules are too frequently being seen to be failed to be adhered to. Employers willingly refuse to offer appropriate protections in an effort to save money. This is unacceptable and is consequently breaking the law.

    If you have been afflicted by an injury due to hypodermic needles and your employer has failed in their duty to provide the required safeguards, then it is likely that you could be entitled to compensation. This may become difficult since this causes significant levels of stress and frustration, making it difficult to decide what to do next.

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    How To Make A Needlestick Injury Claim?

    However, at Scot Accident Claims, our team of dedicated legal experts offer guiding assistance as to the potential path you could follow in order to arrive at the peace of mind you deserve. If you have suffered a needle injury, then it could potentially result in permanent illnesses. This can be life-threatening and those who have failed in their duties must be held responsible.

    Even when the needle which has caused the injury has not been in contact with any infected blood, the incident occurring can create serious fears of what was contained on it. This carries a significant mental effect and it is important to stress that this too is capable of being sufficient for a valid claim of compensation. Our team understands how pressuring the thought of going through a legal process can be and so we strive to ensure that the system is kept as stress-free and client-centred as possible.

    If you have suffered a needle injury which was the result of your employer’s failure to provide adequate safeguards then, please, do not hesitate to contact our team and allow us to help guide you to the justice you may deserve.


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