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    Head Injury Compensation

    Suffering a serious head injury can be a traumatic and confusing experience and often leads to us being unable to decide what steps to take next. However, times like these require clear thinking and calm reasoning. In looking for the right face to turn to, Scot Accident Claims specialist team of personal injury lawyers offer a professional and dedicated approach, striving to achieve the justice you may deserve.

    Our wide range of expertise here extends from both minor injuries like concussion and the more serious issues associated with long-term brain damage. Whatever the harm sustained, we afford our client’s the confidence in knowing our team will always be on hand to offer clear guidance on what can be done next.

    One of the most common ways in which we see our clients suffering from such an injury is during the course of their employment. An individual’s workplace should be the safest and most secure environment they live under; however, it is often the case that employers fail to offer the necessary safeguards in order to ensure this standard is met.

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    Employers do indeed have a legal duty to minimise such foreseeable risks of serious head injuries to their employees. Health and safety legislation is in place for the benefit of us all and so any breach should be met with strong and principled opposition. If for any reason you are in doubt of your bosses’ adherence to the law, do not hesitate to seek clarification.

    Most of the time, the way in which employers shield their staff from the risk of head injury is through the provision of protective equipment commonly in the form of helmets and harnesses. However, even with such safeguards, injury is still occasionally possible and so no matter how protected you may have felt, seeking legal advice offers the greatest chance for peace of mind for the long term.

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    Although some of these are markedly less significant than the others, each carries its own level of long-term side effects and so no matter how severe it may initially seem, legal redress must be considered.

    Symptoms of injuries of this nature can include memory loss, cognition problems, seizures and concentration lapses.

    It is important, however, to act quickly – most of these kinds of injuries are limited to being claimed against only in the period of 3 years after they occur.

    Scot Accident Claims lawyers are therefore happy and able to ensure that compensation can be a viable prospect for claimants while remaining as stress-free and time-consuming as possible. Contact us now.


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