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    Falling Object Compensation

    Certain working environments such as warehouses and construction sites likely involve heavy-duty objects being placed or stacked in precarious positions. Inevitably, this can often cause accidents with the materials falling from heights and landing on whoever is positioned below.

    This is most commonly seen where:

    • Objects are not organised or stacked safely.
    • Walkways and other areas are insufficiently covered.
    • Machinery is faulty and risks parts falling off.

    It need not matter how high or low these objects fall from as most instances of such accidents cause significant damage in every case.

    Most of those who suffer can see themselves having to deal with injuries such as:

    • Concussion
    • Broken bones
    • Muscle damage

    When this occurs, it often becomes a time of anger and frustration as it is not always clearly apparent who is at fault. It is difficult to connect a seemingly blatant accident with bosses’ negligence. This then creates an inability to decide what steps to take next and achieve much-needed peace of mind.

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    Can You Make A Claim?

    At Scot Accident Claims, we offer professional guidance on whatever options may be available after a falling-object accident at work. Our dedicated lawyers will work towards any justice you may deserve.

    If such an incident occurs, then it is likely that those who are in charge are at fault to some degree. Since 2006, Work at Heights Regulations have been in place. This places a legal obligation on employers to take reasonable steps to prevent the risk of objects falling on employees. This can be done via various protective measures which include:

    -Scaffolding with safety netting attached.

    -Taking equipment up to heights is only done when necessary.

    -Objects are stacked properly and safely.

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    However, it is often the case that some employers fail to adhere to this duty and so leave their staff at a high-risk of suffering from being hit by a falling object.If any employer has neglected in their legal obligations and you have gone on to suffer from a serious injury as a result, then it is likely you may be able to claim compensation for any damage.

    Our team at Accident Claims Scotland have the necessary expertise in order to ascertain what went wrong and whoever may be liable. We are able to offer you a guiding hand in helping decide what steps to take next.We also appreciate how the physical and emotional tolls of an accident at work can sometimes be exacerbated by the claiming process involved in achieving compensation. We therefore strive to work in a manner as stress-free and client-centred as possible.

    If you believe you may be entitled to legal redress in this way then, please, do not hesitate in contacting us and allowing us to help achieve the justice you may deserve.


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