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    Electric Shock Compensation

    With more and more of us becoming increasingly exposed to electrical equipment, it appears the potential risks of this are still relatively unknown. This high-level of use is no different for almost anyone’s nature of employment. Inevitably, such common use of the dangerous element of electricity can cause a wide range serious injuries.

    Some of these are seen to include:

    • Electric shock
    • Burns
    • Damage to muscle tissue

    It is important to stress that although these injuries are serious, they are relatively rare and require high voltages of electricity to create any lasting effect. Although this may be seen to potentially affect those in heavy-industry using powerful electrical tools more than those working in an office, serious injuries can occur for both. The circumstances of these occurrences are often the result of accidents and so those who suffer can find themselves struggling to know who to blame.

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    Is Your Employer At Fault

    Employers do have a legal duty to protect their staff from exposure to the risk that electricity poses. This is most commonly provided through the issuing of appropriate safety equipment and putting employees through suitable training programmes. The law places such a responsibility on employers for the safety of us all.

    Therefore, if you have suffered an injury as a result of using electrical equipment and your employer has failed to provide effective safeguards, then it is likely you may be entitled to compensation.

    The ways in which these injuries can come about vary and can be seen to extend from blatantly risky situations to ones which occur in our everyday lives. Some of the most common include:

    • Carrying out electrical work without appropriate training.
    • An employer’s failure to ensure electrical equipment is safe to use.
    • Working in a high-risk job without any protection.

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    However, suffering as a result of any of these situations can not only cause physical damage but emotional frustration and confusion too. This can often make it difficult for afflicted individuals to decide what steps to take next in order to arrive at the peace of mind they crave. At Scot Accident Claims, our team of dedicated lawyers provide a willing hand of assistance in order to help you explore the option of receiving compensation for any injuries you have sustained.

    If you have suffered at the hands of your employer’s negligent actions, then it important to hold them responsible for any damage they have caused. Our specialists understand how the thought of making a claim can be daunting and off-putting and so we strive to ensure that the process is kept as stress-free and client-centred as possible. This can be seen to minimise the chance of any emotional or physical damage becoming exacerbated further.

    If you believe you may be entitled to compensation as a result of suffering an electrical injury then, please, do not hesitate to contact us and allow our team to help guide you towards the justice you may deserve.


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