Back Injury Compensation

    Certain jobs require employees to carry our daily heavy-lifting tasks. While it may seem unproblematic to workers at the time, the repeated nature of such duties can cause significant levels of strain on various areas of individual’s bodies.

    Perhaps the most common injury sustained by employees as a result of this strain are those present in their spine and back. Injuries are often suffered due to an accumulation of the tolls this heavy-lifting causes or a single action which can result in muscle damage.

    Although the symptoms of injuries of this nature can vary from being minor to as serious as even lasting throughout individual’s entire lives, every instance has the ability to cause significant levels of pain and inconvenience.



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    Can I Claim Compensation?

    If you have suffered a back injury during the course of your employment, then it may be likely that you are able to claim compensation for your bosses’ negligence.

    While it may not be clear that the injury is anyone’s own explicit fault, employers have long held a legal obligation and the ultimate responsibility to ensure their staff are employed under a safe system of work. Therefore, if an incident does occur resulting in a serious injury then it is likely that appropriate safeguards to prevent this have failed to have been implemented.The law provides an avenue of redress for breaches of this nature.

    Despite this, suffering an injury can often result in individuals being reluctant to cause themselves further grief by attempting to seek a decision on what steps to take next. This creates further anger and frustration and leaves it ultimately impossible to achieve any peace of mind.

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    However, at Scot Accident Claims, our team of professional and dedicated lawyers offer a calm and reasoned alternative voice in order to help suffering individuals come to the conclusion they deserve.There are various ways in which our specialists are experienced in dealing with back-injuries. Some of the circumstances in which they usually can be seen include:

    • Regularly lifting heavy objects.
    • Falling from heights on construction sites.
    • Experiencing heavy objects landing on your body.
    • Being involved in accidents.

    All of these cause a wide-range of different injuries which commonly consist of:

    • Muscle and ligament damage.
    • Prolapsed discs.
    • Broken bones.

    If you have suffered a back injury during the course of your employment, it is important to quickly see a medical professional to ascertain the seriousness of the injury before seeking legal advice.At Accident Claims Scotland, our lawyers have the necessary expertise to review the specific circumstances of your case and help you decide what action to take next.

    We also appreciate the emotional and physical side-effects which come hand-in-hand with a serious back injury and so our team strives to ensure that the process of claiming is kept as stress-free and centred around you as possible.Please, do not hesitate to contact us for further information and allow our team to work towards the justice you may deserve.


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